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The West Midlands Later Life Forum is led by a small group of elected Officers, all of whom are themselves older people, and who act in a voluntary capacity. The Forum itself meets four times a year, usually centrally to the region in Birmingham, and, additionally, arranges an annual open “Later Life Assembly” in March.  Details of the venue, date and time of these meetings can be found by clicking on the ‘Meetings and Events’ link.  From within that link you will also be able to access the last set of approved minutes as well as the agenda for the next meeting.

Separately, there is a link to the ‘WMLLF blog’.  This blog (in form, an open channel for a more spontaneous email-type dialogue than is available through a web-site) reflects the personal interests, concerns, observations, thoughts and ideas of those members of the Forum (and others) who contribute comments to it.  Significantly, it presents an opportunity for discussion, development and dialogue outside the usual Forum meetings.  This brings with it the benefit of being able to develop and pursue ideas which arise during a Forum meeting, and where it is felt there is value or a need in trying to progress those ideas between meetings.


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