The West Midlands Later Life Forum is led by three elected officers - the Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer.  Inclusive of the ex-officio co-ordinating DWP officer (Simon Wilkinson) and the Forum's ex-officio Secretariat officer (Sarah Evans-Young), these five people form the core of the Forum's executive committee (called the "Planning Group"). 

In addition to the above "core" members there are individuals who are appointed by them to the Planning Group from time-to-time.  These additional individuals are appointed because of their observed contribution to and constructive furtherance of aspects of the "later life" agenda:  they are appointed because they represent an authorative and representative voice in their part of the West Midlands Region, or because of a particular expertise or knowledge which assists in advancing that "later life" agenda.  Any such individuals have an equal voice at and full standing as Planning Group members.

The Planning Group meets quarterly and considers matters, subjects, formal consultations and general developments to be presented to the Forum at the Forum's future meetings.  The Planning Group also considers themes and speakers for the Forum's Annual Assembly and the Forum's Annual Consultation symposium.

The Forum itself is run on distinctly democratic principles with all strategic decisions being referred to and made by the Forum as a whole.