The 1st October is the UN internationally-designated "Older People's Day"! 

But, in the UK and like the "official" Queen's birthday celebration, it is flexible as to when and how it is celebrated!  However, whatever day it is celebrated on and as with the Queen's official birthday, it is a thoroughly family-orientated, a thoroughly local but, at the same time, a thoroughly national celebration. 

The declared aim of the day is to acknowledge, distinguish, celebrate and applaud the achievements and contributions older people have made, and continue to make, to our families, to our neighbourhoods, to our local communities, to our broader society, and to our economy.  The objective in acknowledging this particular day - 1st October (give or take!) - is to instill a change of attitude to ageing.  Ageing isn't just a process, it's a discipline!  We may be older and getting older, but we are a long way from being useless, redundant and ready for the rubbish tip!

A feature of this national, 1st October-ish, celebration is the events as held throughout the UK.  Events?  What events?  Answer:  Where have you been!  What have you been missing!  Were you there???  (Those are a statements and challenges, not questions!)  You want proof?  Go to:  - Full of Life!  Full of memories!  Full of industry!  Full of relaxation (we earned it!)!  Full of adventure (another word for "Life"!)!  October 1st is a year-long celebration!

On or about (and both sides) of this date events are held throughout the UK and are usually very much "local" as to place, time (date(s)) and content.  But!, the common ingredient of all of them, no matter where, no matter when, no matter how long, no matter how, no matter who, is participation - Being there.  A national demonstration and acclamation of the active participation and involvement of those of us in "later life" who are active and involved participants in our families, in our neighbourhoods, in our communities, in our society.  To the benefit of each of them, to the benefit of all of them;  and, most importantly, to the benefit of ourselves!

Come on!  Let's celebrate!  It's Older People's Day, every day - but especially on 1st October!  (give or take a day or two, or a week or ten, or a month or so, ... :-) )